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5 Brilliant Ideas for Basement Flooring

Basement is often the forgotten room. They are left and we rarely think a lot about the room. Meanwhile, basement plays big role on our house comfort as well. There are so many things we should do in the basement. To make it more welcoming, and to handle flood issues, we should consider the following […]

Different Types of 3D Wall Tiles

As we already know it, 3d wall tiles have become one of the most desired home improvement commodities right now. At first, these tiles only come on the same and similar design. Even though they have colours options, the final look remains similar to each other. Right now, we have more options and there are […]

7 Trendy Flooring Ideas

The New Year is coming and we must be wondering about the new trends we should know. On flooring, the trends are already predicted and those have become the main inspiration for so many house owners in renovating their flooring. If you like to change the look of your house, you can also use those […]