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8 Tips to Choose the Right Hardwood Floor Colour

Hardwood is an excellent choice for flooring. Right now, manufacturers make sure that we have all the variants and kinds of this flooring material. Your choice on the wood colour will define everything, your interior look, the luxury, and also atmosphere of the room. How can we choose the colour? Here are several tips you […]

8 Major Differences of Porcelain and Ceramic Tile Floors

Porcelain and ceramic are included on most picked up choice for flooring. Each of them brings out different look and sense for interior design. There are several major differences among them, and these differences define how your flooring will look like. 1. Referring Porcelain refers to tile that is made of dust being pressed. The […]

5 Brilliant Ideas for Basement Flooring

Basement is often the forgotten room. They are left and we rarely think a lot about the room. Meanwhile, basement plays big role on our house comfort as well. There are so many things we should do in the basement. To make it more welcoming, and to handle flood issues, we should consider the following […]